Friday, October 30, 2009

Piano Man

Virginia one day and Elton John in Zurich the next! Elton put on a great show! We had been looking forward to going to this concert since June when Zann bought tickets for our early birthday presents. We started the night off making our own cocktail party on the tram with a bottle of wine and continued to enjoy ourselves singing along all night!!

And a beer was only 7.50 CHF. That's cheaper than a Miller light sold by Dan Snyder at a Skins game.

Home Sweet Home

So 3 countries, 2 days, quite a whirl wind!! We were in Spain Sunday afternoon, Zurich Sunday night and I flew to Va Monday morning! Lots of traveling, going through customs, and packing suitcases but it was definitely worth it. It was so great to go back home and hang out with Mom, Sus, and Dad. Even though I hardly feel like I am far away since I talk to someone about everyday on video Skye it was so nice not to be through a compute screen. Our first stop was Target on the way home from the airport then Mom and I enjoyed one of my favorite meals of baby tacos and Margarita pizza! We got so much accomplished in just two days. Tuesday we went early to pick out the wedding album (should be done around xmas!), got my hair cut, eyebrows waxed, picked out pillows for my family room, and did some returns all before Susie was home from Philly in time for lunch. Sus and I did some errands and met Mom at Chef Geoff's for Girls Night since Dad was in NY then ended the night Gossip Girl in Susie's bed. What a great day!! Wednesday Mom and I got in some shopping. Susie got off work early so she joined me at the mall and we accidently walked away with a little more than planned (how does that always seem to happen??). Wednesday night I got to meet Sheila for Sushi and catch up! It was soooooo great to see her. I can't wait to see all of our friends over Christmas! Dad came home Wednesday night so we had a great big rib lunch Thursday before heading to the airport with my now 1oo lbs of luggage. None of which I came to VA with. I brought two suitcases with only 1 pair of jeans a sweater and the clothes I was wearing. But we now have lots of American food and pretty new pillows!

The flight back to Zurich is another story. We get great flight benefits with Zann's job but we have to fly standby so it is always down to the last minute until we know if we will get on the flight (not the best when flying international). Long story short the Zurich flight was full right at boarding so I ran as fast as I could across the airport to another terminal to get on the flight to Geneva just to get yelled at and my bussiness class seat taken away for wearing blue jeans. There is a dress code when you are flying as an employee but that did not even cross my mind that morning, 9 hours before the flight. So it was my fault I did not get to enjoy the life of luxary but getting lectured by a gate agent was the last thing I needed at that point. Did I mention that my luggage was not getting on the flight and I was thinking it had to be shipped over?? Luckily there were very nice flight attendents who saw me getting yelled at and gave me two free bottles of wine and I got 3 seats to myself :)

All things come to a good end right?? I made it to Geneva Friday morning and took a 3 hour train ride to Zurich. Luckily my luggage did not make it because I dont know how I would have managed 100 lbs by myself since Zann was at work. Now off to Elton John!!

*My luggage was delivered by taxi to our front door Saturday late afternoon. Talk about service!! Thats how they do things over here. Not sure how it got on a plane and delivered but it was Free!*

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


The second week of my October break we headed to Barcelona to visit Jack. We had a great time sightseeing and going back to the college days staying out all night.
First stop Pipermint. Susie and I went here when we were visiting Jeff and I have been waiting to go back ever since!
Big Gulps?? 14 liter liquor drink, 10 people, 96 Euros (Yes thats 150$$ for a drink)

The top of MontJuic (Mountain of the Jews) over looking Barcelona.

Olympic Stadium

Olympic Village

Not sure what this building is. It is under construction now but Susie, Liz and I struggled down all those stairs two years ago pre construction
Crazy street performers on Las Ramblas

Jack did have red scratched on his stomach after this.

Big Head anyone? Not a foreign sight in the Las Ramblas market...sick. I had to walk out after this while Jack and Zann examined the rabbits.

Relaxing on the beach

Happy 21st Birthday Seth!! Great sangria and paella!

Beginning the night a Shoko at 2:00am
Beautiful view from Parque Guell.

Sigrada Famila. So beautiful but I didn't see any progress made to finishing the church from two years ago. Maybe it will take another 2,000 to finish
Great Trip! We were home to Zurich Sunday night and off to Virginia Monday morning.

Better Late than Never

We have been super busy the past two weeks so I have been a little behind on the blog. So to recap in the past two weeks, I quit my job, we went to visit Jack in Barcelona, I flew home to Virginia, flew back to Zurich in time for Elton John, and I started my new job.

The new job is going well. Very busy and pretty overwhelming but I have really enjoyed the people and my new class! Next week will be my first full week on my own so we will see how that goes! More to come!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

The BIG 26

Happy 26 wonderful years to Zann. We started the day with some champagne of course. Then we spent the next 5 hours in front of our computer on the couch watching the Auburn/UT game on EPSN 360. Zann's perfect day watching Auburn football. He even had a beer at 11:30 since it was game day for us!

We are sill figuring out which bacon to buy. Here is he bacon before it is cooked.

Now were did it go?!?!?

Zann all set up for his bday party!

"Happy Birthday from the Cool Couple"
It gave us a good 5 minutes of laughing!

Barcelona here we come! Thanks Mama and Papa Sull!!

Happy Birthday from Gaga and Papa

Happy Birthday from Hoo Hoo. How we would love to be a the IOP beach!!

Zann has been searching for note cards to start practicing his German vocab. Some things are much harder to find than you think. I found some on my hour and a half unsuccessful trip to buy Zann a grill.

A wine rack!!

Zann's new grill!! And grill tools!

And the experimental cake. It turned out pretty well I must say. There is nothing recognizable in the Swiss grocery store to make a cake. So I experimented and did a lot of Google Translating but I have to say the cake turned out pretty well and tasted pretty good since we ate the whole thing!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Big Little Kids

PreBirthday drink by the lake
We are so lucky to look at this beautiful view every day!

And we had a little fun at the kids area of the park. No one was around so why not?

Saturday was such a beautiful day and Zann and I explored a new part of Zurich, Kusnacht. It is one of the "nicest" parts of the Gold Coast. The houses were all gorgeous with a beautiful view of the lake. We found a few parks that will be fun to visit in the summer and enjoyed a drink at some outdoor couches.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My New Job!!

Poppin' the champagne for celebration!!

So last Friday was my last day at Colourwoods Kindergarten. I have accepted a new job at Inter Community School (ICS)! Wahoooo! I am so excited.I will be taking over a second grade class for a maternity leave. Second grade will be a huge change from kindergarten, but I am really excited! The school is great and has everything you could ever imagine in a school! The children are from all over the world and living a total life of luxury. The 1st grade tuition is more than most colleges and Louis Vuitton backpacks do hang in the lockers. So it is really fun to hear their stories and about their world travels. I have been observing the class the past two days and my first contract day is October 19th.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Mom and Dad celebrating my birthday Auburn style

Happy Birthday to me from Virginia!! Since my dad is the best dad in the world he made a cake for the family to eat for my birthday (or maybe he just loves cake, but I'm thinking its just me). My wonderful mama and sister were happy to help eat and Grandpa even came over to celebrate my birthday dessert (even through I was half way around the world). My parents good friends the Stranix's bought Zann and I these Auburn snuggies!! What a great surprise, we can't wait to have them when it snows in Zurich!We have some great models to show us the PROFESSIONAL cake (yes, sprinkles in the middle layer of icing just how dad and I like it) and the Snuggies! WAR EAGLE!