Sunday, November 22, 2009

Random Pics

Uetliburg again. It was foggy in the city, but we could see the mountains great.
The signs on the tram warning people to not saw the seat, play the guitar, or to be broke on the tram.

In the background are the wine boats. Their are 7 boats tied together with wine vendors all over the place. After a small cover charge, you could try as many wines as you wanted and be on a boat.

Some friends at Uetliburg at night

Mom and Dad come to Switzerland

I was sooo happy to have Mom and Dad come visit last weekend! We had the best weekend and it felt like we had not moved half way across the world. They landed Friday morning while I was at work so Zann was nice enough to take the day off to show the in-laws around.

First stop, Uetliberg to see the Alps. I was not very happy to be at work instead of going to my favorite place in Zurich.

Hiking down the steep hills can be harder than going up

Saturday we headed out to walk to the lake and explore the city.

Beautiful, Beautiful Fall day in Zurich

Mom loved the fountains

Shopping for chocolate

Pizza Bretzel Pit Stop

Happy hour in the old part of the city

Beautiful view of the river, city, lake, and Alps

Swiss style dinner at Zeughauskeller! We all got Wienerschnitzel and Rosti and good German Beer.

Never far from the laptop :)

Sunday football and snuggies after a long hike to Kusnacht

The trail to Kusnacht trying to find our way to the lake.