Thursday, January 20, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Years from the Sullivan's in Arizona!

 The girls spent New Years Eve day shopping while the boys played golf at TPC. Then we went to one of my  parents friends houseand had nice evening ringing in the New Year. 

We had a VERY relaxing New Years day watching football inside and out with lots of eating!

Then it was off to Charleston on the red eye.

We LOVED visiting Arizona so much and I am so happy it is our new home to visit!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Christmas Break in Arizona and DC 2010

As always traveling home at Christmas was a bit of a nightmare. Airports all around Europe were either closed or having major delays due to a snow storm. With little hope of getting out of Zurich, Zann and I decided it would be best for me to try taking the train to Frankfurt. So, after a 4 hour train ride to Frankfurt at 5 am I made it to the zoo at Frankfurt airport where they had cots set up everywhere for the people that had already been stuck there for days. After some other crazy travel mishaps I made it just in time for the Sullivan Family Christmas Party! Which made all the hectic travel worth it! Except that Zann had to stay in Zurich to work until the 28th.

We spent Sunday at Nanny and Grandpa's for Christmas with the Sullivan's then went to Uncle John E and Aunt Kristin's house to see the boys and Gaga and Papa. 

Then the flu hit and I didn't see the outside of Susie's room for 4 days so those are all the pictures of DC. 

Then off to Arizona to the glorious weather and view from my bedroom...

It was so nice to be in warm weather and see the sun! Cousin Drew came to celebrate with us this year because he was in California as the trainer for the Idaho girls basketball team and Arizona was a closer stop than Indy. It was so great to have him there with us. 
We went to Christmas Eve Church at the church where Mom has started working at the preschool. It was beautiful and Mom is loving her job!
Christmas lights in the yard look a little different...

We had such a great and relaxing day on Christmas but were missing Zann a lot! 

Grapefruit picking in the backyard before breakfast. 


We all got new robes for the hot tub with different mountains near Scottsdale. 
(Mummy Mountain, Squaw Peak, Mummy Mountain, Four Peaks, Pinacle Peak for Zann)

We ended the night with a great Christmas dinner followed by dessert with some neighbors. 

The rest of the week in Arizona was spent doing a lot of lounging in our new bath robes, 

feeding the Koi fish, 

watching football outside, 
 trying out some new restaurants. 

and having another day of Christmas when Zann arrived. 

The boys managed to play two rounds of golf even though the weather turned cold and the girls got in some shopping. 

More to come on Arizona soon! Blogger is not letting me put any pictures on right now :(

Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Blog is Back!

Our blog is back after far too long! I can't believe I haven't updated since the summer. Lots to to fill you in on! My New Years Resolution is to update at least one a week and hopefully more. I will start with what we have done recently and catch up on everything else when we don't have too much going on. 
So here we go...