Sunday, March 6, 2011

Thailand- Heaven on Earth

 Ahhh I miss it already!! This was a much needed vacation for Zann and me. I know it may seem like we go on vacation alot and that is true but we had not been somewhere to just relax in a long time. Including Christmas break and this trip I have been on 17 flights in two months. And that in itself is exhausting. So with February break coming up we wanted to go somewhere warm where we could just spend time on the beach and relax. Well, a place with that description is not easy to find around Europe so Thailand was suprisingly the easiest choice. Since we moved, I have dreamed of going to Asia but never thought it would actually happen. And now that we have been, we want to go back!

After arriving in Bangkok we got right on a flight to Koh Samui. We stayed at the beautiful Peace Resort. It was the perfect place for us. Right on the beach with a nice pool, breakfast included, a bath tub on the porch, and a 5 minute walk on the beach to the town.
Well I don't have too many stories about Koh Samui because each day we did the exact same thing. We slept in and ate breakfast on the beach. Then spent some time reading and enjoying the scenary at the beach or in the pool. In the afternoon, I would get a massage on the beach while Zann would go to happy hour. Then we would get ready and walk on the beach to town to get dinner. And the next day get up to start all over again. So I will just share some pictures...
 Peace Resort- Koh Samui

Zann enjoying breakfast
 View from chairs at the pool

 Fisherman's Village- Koh Samui
 Happy Hour and appetizers for dinner on the beach

 Walking from our room to the beach
 Thai massage- 10 bucks for an hour massage on the beach. Can't beat that!

 Zann waiting on a chicken kabob for lunch
 Happiest man on the beach
 Off to Bangkok
Saying good bye to Koh Samui and the beautiful airport.