Monday, May 23, 2011

Baby Bump -20 Weeks (half way there!)

How Far Along: 20 Weeks. I can't believe I am half way there! It seems like the time has gone by so fast but at the same time I feel like I have been pregnant forever. Its hard/exciting to think in this same about of time we will have your precious little baby with us. That makes it seem fast but it feels like so long ago we were in London and found out we were expecting a baby and eating dinner with Liz D.
Night number 2 of knowing I was pregnant

Size of baby: Baby Hawkins is weighing in at about 10 1/2 ounces and is about 10 inches long from head to heel. So baby H is about the size of a banana. That seems alot bigger to me than a tomato but we'll take it :)

Baby Development: Baby H is starting to swallow more and getting it's metabolism going.

Gender: Only two more days until we might be able to find out. I seriously couldn't sleep last night I was so excited.

Movement: I have been feeling the baby move around all the time in the past week. It feels like bubbles popping in my stomach. Over the weekend I couldn't feel the baby that much but think he or she must have flipped around and was moving toward my back. Then tonight I think he or she flipped back because I felt some strong movements and Zann could for sure feel them on the outside of my stomach. Its just the neatest feeling!

Sleep: Still waking up at least once a night and I don't think that is going to go away. The other night I got the worst cramp in my leg and that kept me up for a while. When I woke up in the morning it felt like it was bruised or I have done about 1000 calf raises.
Cravings: Icecream, juice, and fruit. I just finished eating an ice cream brownie sundae with heath bar on top. Yum! I have also been making fruit smoothies for breakfast before school. I think this summer when its so hot I am going to live on ice cream and smoothies. I have also not been in the mood for any Asian food which I normally love. We have had it once and it tasted find once I started eating but I do not like the thought of it.
Symptoms: I am still feeling great. My stomach really feels like it is starting to stretch though. I have not been able to eat as much at one time. I have eaten too fast a couple time and eaten more than I should and then it feels like my stomach is going to burst open.
We are going to the doctor on Wednesday evening to see Baby H in 3D. I can not wait! I will post updates when we get back!

I feel like my stomach looks bigger in person. I was looking in the mirror and thought it looked bigger there but not so sure...

Wahooooo for making it to 20 weeks!!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Baby Bump 19 weeks

How Far Along: 19 Weeks

Well I missed the 18 week post so this will be a little recap of both weeks. Things have been super busy with getting close to the end of the school year so no time for the blog.

Size of baby: Baby H is growing growing and is about 6 inhces long head to bottom which is about the size of an heirloom tomato (the fruit comparisons crack me up each week that I get emailed). The baby now weighs about 8 ounces and is in a major growth spurt.

Baby Development: Baby H has now developed smell, taste, hearning, vision, and touch in its brain. So the baby can now hear us so we better watch what we say :) The baby's arms and legs are now the right proportion to the rest of its body and tiny little hairs are growing on his or her's head.

Total Weight Gain: Not so sure. I'm sure I will be surprised at the doctor next week because I feel like I have packed on the pounds in the last couple weeks. My legs feel tired from carrying my heavy self around all day.

Gender: I have had dreams about the baby being a girl 2 or 3 times this week and about it being a boy once. So we will see.

Movement: I think I can officially say I have felt the baby now! I have felt small kicks every day for about 4 or 5 days and Zann could even feel it last night on top of my stomach. I also feel like a baseball is rolling below my belly button sometimes.

Cravings: I have been trying to eat a little bit healthier these past two weeks but its hard to stay away from pizza, bread, and baked goods. We also made a trip to McDonalds last week for dinner since we had coupons and dinner for 2 would only cost 30 dollars (with out a drink)!! Then a little boy at school brought me a lemon bar last week and I thought it was the best thing I had ever had and needed another one immediately. I went right after school to buy the ingredients but put off making them until the weekend. Those have been a nice treat all week.

Feeling the baby move has been the best feeling in the world. All weekend I was getting worried because really felt like I didn't look pregnant. Well my prayers were answered when I woke up Monday morning becuase I could notice a difference how I looked with a shirt on. The bare belly still does not look pregnant at all but clothes make it look so much bigger. It was weird to think about being almost 5 months pregnant (half way there!!) and not being able to see a difference or need new clothes. From the day I found out I was pregnant I thought all about maternity clothes and what I should order and how my belly would look, then 5 months later it just looked the same. I know this is a silly thing to worry about and I will be kicking myself at the end when I am too big to even more. So for now I will be happy my jeans still fit and I can still move around very well.

Every day it seems like it is getting a little bit more real that we will really have a newborn little baby with us in 5 short months. We are so grateful and really can't believe it. Zann and I have been talking about all the things we can't wait to do with the baby.

Last night we were wondering what the baby would look like? Would he or she be born with hair or no hair? What color would it's hair be when it grows up? Will he or she have big teeth like me? haha I feel like we have so much to look forward to right now!

Here I am at 18 weeks

And 19 weeks

Last week my sweet kiddos at school were so excited that it was Mother's day. They made me this cute card and brought me flowers on Friday.
 " Mrs. Hawkins, Happy Mothers Day! I hope you have a great time with Zann, your baby, and family. You are the best teacher!"

Last weekend was really rainy so we decided to clean out our guest room turned nursery. We had some things to donate so we were able to do that and move our guest bed down to the cellar. I wanted to make sure all the furniture is going to fit in the room so we moved the crib up. Obviously it is not put together correctly but we were able to get an idea. Right now it is put together as a toddler bed so Zann just needs to get some screws to put the rails on. This will probaly be a summer project since we have a while to wait :)
We also have this beauty to fix up. We bought this from a site like Craigslist here. The size was perfect for the room and I really like how it has the border around the back part that can hold the changing pad. We plan to paint it white. This will also be a summer project since we need to sand it first then paint it piece by piece on our patio. This is where we will keep Baby H's clothes and we will put the chaging pad on top.

Next big project will be picking out bedding. I seriously can not wait! Only one more week until we know pink or blue bedding and I can stop spending hours beyond hours on the internet looking at things. haha

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Baby Bump- 17 Weeks

How Far Along: 17 Weeks

Size of baby: The baby is about 5 inches long from its head to its bottom. Last time we were at the doctor, he said he/she was about 17 cm including its legs which is about 7 inches. So this week I am guessing that has grown to about 7 1/2 inches. The baby wieghs about 5 ounces and is the size of a turnip.

Baby Development: Little baby can now move its joints and is starting to develop sweat glands

Total Weight Gain: As of last week I had gained almost 3 kilos which is about 6 pounds. I feel like if I post this for other people to see then I have a reason to hold myself accountable and try to watch how much I eat.

Gender: No news yet. Everyone in my family and most people at work tell me they think its a boy. One friend at work thinks its a girl and Zann's aunt. Kathy, had a dream we are going to have a girl this week. She used to have dreams about what her friends were having, and she was only wrong once. We are going back to the Dr. on the 25th, so maybe we can find out then.

Movement: I haven't felt anything that feels like a kick or an arm, but sometimes I can feel something hard in my lower stomach. Also a couple times a day it feels like I have a baseball moving through me. I am guessing this is might be the baby moving positions but am not sure. Zann has tried to feel for something but can only feel that my belly is a lot harder below my belly button.

Cravings: This week I have not been eating as healthy. I have felt like having pasta for dinner almost every night, but I have tried to be good and resisted a couple nights for us to have some vegetables also. Tuesday night I kept telling Zann all I wanted to eat was Cheez-Its and pretzles together and a bag of gummy bears. I could not get that out of my head. Zann was so sweet and came home with all sorts of treats for me the next day. They don't sell Cheez-Its here or anything close so Zann found lots of other goodies for us.

I also have discovered something at school that will not be very good for my weight gain. We have a wonderful cafeteria at school and they make fresh muffins, croissiants, and bagels (which is the only place in Switzerland you can find bagels) every morning. I almost always bring my breakfast to school but it is nice to go down there if I don't have time to bring something. Well last week I found out they will make you a breakfast sandwhich if you request it early. I have just let myself have one a week but they are to die for so it might become a problem :)

And yes that is a cheese bagel it comes on with cream cheese added to the bacon, egg, and cheese.

Symptoms: I am still feeling great most of the time. After work this week I was pretty exhausted and only made it to the gym one night.

Best Moment this week: My stomach is starting to look a little bit like I am pregnant which makes me so excited.  It makes it seem much more real to us. We are both just so excited and talk about the little baby all the time. Our biggest blessing has been to hear that our little baby is healthy and I am so thankful for this everyday.

These pictures were taken about 10 second apart and look totally different. 

We started watching a birthing class video and that has made it seem like "ok this is really going to happen". I know its really early to think about this but a friend recommended it and she needs it back next week. Zann is now a pro a figuring out what all the numbers the doctor will rattle off mean. He is going to have to keep practicing since everything we will be hearing at the hospital will be in German.

Last time we were at the dr's he signed me up to deliver at Hirslanden and I received my introducation package from them earlier this week. It looks like it has tons of great information, but too bad I can't read any of it since it is in German :(

I am going to have to find a patient German speaking person to translate the binder and folder for me. It has many cute little pictures that help your get an idea of what it will be like to deliver a baby there. I am very excited about going to this hospital. First of all it is literally right across the street from our house, but it is also very nice inside and Roger Federer's wife delivered thier twins there.