Monday, September 26, 2011

Baby Bump- 38 weeks

So the count down is on! Only two more weeks until the due date of Baby H. Don't get too excited though because there is no sign of her coming early so far

I had my 38 week appointment today and everything looked great. The baby's measurements on the sonogram were all in the average range or slightly above and everything looked right on track. She weighs a little over 7 pounds right now. So a little bit above average but the doc said I will not have a 9 pound baby. Good news!

When we sat down to talk with the doctor about how I was feeling etc. she said "okay so see you in two week". I quickly responded that my due date is exactly two weeks from today and shouldn't I come earlier. She said there was no need to come any earlier and to just call the hospital if I go into labor. Ummmmm okay???

I thought I would freak out at that point but surprisingly I think it makes sense. She said there is nothing else that needs to be done until the baby is born so there is no sense coming in again before 40 weeks. She seems to be fairly certain that the baby will be late but says you never know. If the baby has not come by 40 weeks she said we will do the non stress test to see how the baby handles contractions but that it is not necessary to do that now since everything is going according to plan.

I have a feeling Baby Girl is going to be late also but this sure does make it hard for my mom to book her plane ticket. We don't want her coming on the due date and sitting around with me for 5 days with no baby then I will be in the hospital for 5 days (at least) so that will be 10 days of her two weeks here. Hopefully she can change her flight to push it back a couple days today.

Until then we will continue to cross things off the "Do before Baby" list. The only big thing left is packing my bag. Other than that we are pretty much ready and I will work on crossing the things of the list like ironing the sheets for the baby bed (Zann thinks I am ridiculous) and washing the windows.

I am starting to feel 38 weeks pregnant. Walking has turned into waddling and getting up from being seated has turned into a major work out. I am now taking a daily nap and have been in bed since 8:00 tonight because I couldn't stand anymore. Too bad you can't store up sleep hours.

My plan is to continue to work half days this week and next week until our October Break starts at school. I feel great in the mornings and am liking going to work still. I really enjoy where I work and enjoy the people even more so I am not ready to give that up yet. If baby comes on the due date or after I will have at least 4 days work free.

Here we are at the pumpkin patch yesterday. 38 weeks

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Baby Bump- 37 Weeks

Holy cow it sure it close to the arrival of Baby H now! She is now full term and would be fine if born at any time.
Last week at the doctor Baby H was weighing in at 2 kilos and 700 grams which is just under 6 pounds. According to the computer calculations of how much she will gain until 40 weeks she will weigh just under 8 pounds. She is about 19 inches long which is just slightly above the average line.

The doctor said everything look good and is going according to schedule. She said there was nothing to make her think the baby would come early and that many first babies come late but you never know. I have a feeling that she will be a little bit late and be born on the 14th or 17th. But I am sure Baby H will set out to prove me wrong. I just hope she comes when my Mom and Dad are able to get here soon after!

I started working 50% last week and it has been so much better. I am not sleeping very well so its so nice to come home at noon. Most days I have kept myself busy getting things ready but have taken a nap two days and it was fabulous!

Even thought my back is killing, I can hardly put on my shoes, and I am waking up 4 times a night I am contenct still being pregnant. I think overall for being almost 38 weeks pregnant I am feeling pretty good and just not ready for the baby to come out just yet. So hang in there for at least two more weeks little girl!

36 Weeks

37 Weeks
And once again the pictures won't flip the correct way :(

Baby Shower and Birthday

What happy times were celebrated last week! My wonderful friend Brooke hosted such nice baby shower for Baby H . We had lots ofyummy food and Baby H (and me!) were showered with such cute things.

Here we are before the shower.

Then Birth Week started. Zann made it a birth week to remember. He brought me home a surprise every day and made the best chocolate cake. We ended the week with pizza by the lake.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pre-Babymoon in Verbania Italy

Last weekend was looking like the last weekend of warm weather so we decided to take a a little pre-baby vacation for the night. 

A hotel with a pool was a must. After a while of searching we found out that outdoor pools aren't so popular in Europe. But we found hotel Zust right over the Italian border in the town of Verbania. 

We loaded up Polly (our car's new name) and headed down South. 

It was a beautiful drive through the mountains and we arrived just in time for lunch. 
 We spent out time reading a relaxing by the pool, 
and enjoying the beautiful scenery, 


Zann took a swim while I hung out on the little beach. 

We had afternoon naps and did a lot of reading. Right when we were heading to dinner it started pouring. We found a great little restaurant in the town which was a 2 minute drive away and enjoyed some good old Italian food for dinner then of course gelato for dessert. 

The drive home was not as beautiful. Thankfully Zann is a clam driver and the pouring rain and zero visibility on the top of the Alps did not make his palms sweat nearly as much as mine. We made it back to Zurich Sunday afternoon to watch the first Auburn victory of the season. 

This picture is for Grandmother and a little reminder of the beach house. 

That might have been our last trip just the two of us for a while. 

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Baby Bump 34 Weeks

 Baby H is now 4 3/4 pounds and 18 inches long. The fruit of the week is a cantaloupe. She is continuing to gain more body fat to keep her body temp up and her central nervous system is maturing.

We had a great appointment last week with the new doctor. The daughter of the doctor we had been seeing is going to be delivering the baby so we got to meet her for the first time. Zann and I both walked out feeling in really good hands and felt so comfortable with her. We talked with her for a long time and made a plan for the coming weeks and the birth.

The baby looked great on the ultrasound and everything measured normally. She doesn't fit on the screen all at once anymore so we didn't get a good picture to bring home. Her heart beat was steady and in normal range also.

She didn't give any indication otherwise, so we are still going with October 10th as the expected due date. I have a feeling she is going to come on the 14th or 17th though.

My back has been hurting a lot so the doctor gave me a prescription for physio therapy. I have been going twice a week to get the knots rubbed out of my back. It is just a temporary relief not to fix any problems but let me tell you it makes the world of difference for the next two days. I am always very ready to go to my next appointment.

 I am not sure if real Olympians go here but I like to tell myself they do. Thank you Swiss doctors and Swiss insurance for having sympathy on pregnant women.

Sleep, well that has become more of a problem this week. I am getting up 2 or 3 times a night and can just not make myself comfortable. It takes all my strength to roll over. When I do fall asleep I just don't think I am sleeping very deep because I am exhausted in the morning and by after lunch at work. Its part of the price you pay though :)

Baby H has been soooo active lately. She is moving most of the day but especially in the afternoon. When I get home from work she goes crazy if I am sitting down. She loves her little dance parties and especially loves them up in my ribs.

We are going to the hospital tomorrow night for a tour. I can't wait to see everything and will update after that.
Here we are at 33 weeks

 34 weeks
34 weeks

Baby H got some sweet new books in the mail this week from Gaga and Hoo Hoo

And Horay! Zann finished painting the dresser! 

 The baby was so excited she even bought Zann a big pack of gummy candy!

So this week I was wearing dresses every day and every day people would tell me how huge I look, how I just get bigger every week, and ask if I was sure it wasn't twins. It did not bother me at all that people said this because that is how I feel I do feel huge. Then Friday I wore capri pants and a tight shirt and everyone said how small my bump is. So my conclusion is that dresses make you look much bigger in the end of pregnancy, especially after looking at me wearing a dress this past weekend. 

If your hands are not under your belly when wearing a dress you can look like a wide load I have come to realize. Luckily the weather is cooling down so I will be in pants until the end. 

Friday, September 2, 2011

A Labor Day weekend in Switzerland

Since I won't be waking up to this over the weekend... 

We are heading down south and crossing into Italy to spend the night here.

Just as beautiful but with out my parents and Susie.

We made sure to get a hotel with WiFi so we can cheer on Auburn tomorrow night! War Eagle!