Sunday, June 6, 2010

Hiking, Boat Ride, and a Picnic in Beautiful Weather!

Ahhhhh finally nice weather in Zurich (even though I don't think it is here to stay)!
Saturday afternoon we went hiking with my friend Jackie from ICS to the Pfannenstiel.

The trails near our house are so beautiful!
One minute you are looking at the Alps and Lake Zurich and the next...

a field of cows. The cows all have bells on their neck so walking hear a pasture you just hear the sounds of bells. It really makes you know you are in Switzerland!
It took us a little over two hours to hike to the top and reach the viewing tour. We stopped at the restaurant for a snack, ice cream, and beer! Then walked down to Egg and took the train back home.

Today we FIANLLY went on a boat ride. Part of the public transportation in Zurich are boats that go around the lake to make travel to either side quicker. We have been talking about doing this forever! We met Bridget and Ryan and took the boat on a 25 minute to a park in Kusnacht for a picnic. Something about being on a boat just makes me happy! We picniced and rocked in the hammock then went to the Beer Garden for some Movenpick icecream and a beer. Great day! Next time is the two hour trip to Rappersville with our own wine on the boat!

And we got to hang out with cutie Olivia!

Girls Night Out!

Friday it was GIRLS NIGHT OUT!!
We all got dressed up to go see Sex and the City 2.
We started out the night at Santa Lucia for pizza and wine before the movie.

I hadn't been to a movie yet in Zurich, but the movie theater here has a bar and they were serving COSMOS! We had to get one to get in the right spirit!

It was a great night out with the girls that must become more of a tradition!