Friday, August 19, 2011

Baby Bump 32 Weeks

Here is Jicama which Baby Center says is the size of Baby H this week. I have no idea what this fruit (is it a fruit?) is but it weights 3.37 pounds just like Baby H. She is about 16.5 inches long which is sounding and feeling really big to me. She now has toenails, fingernails, and hair. I wonder if Baby H will come out with hair. I just can't picture her to have dark hair because Zann and I both had light hair as babies but who knows.

I am still feeling pretty good I would say for being almost in my 34 week of pregnancy. But I am definately starting to feel the strain of pregnancy also.

My body just gets tired and I feel like I am lugging around a bag of bricks with me sometimes during the day. I started back at work last week and the kiddos came this week. Luckily I don't have a class or I would be not functioning come 3:00 every day. I am still getting my work out walking between buildings and subbing for teachers while they do testing. After working all day then coming home and doing the normal house chores and fixing dinner and cleaning up for the night I am spent by 9:00 and my back feel like all the bones in it are breaking.

When I am asleep I think I am sleeping pretty hard but I have been getting up many times a night to use the bathroom and to roll myself over.  Our bed is pretty low to the ground since it is a European bed and it takes every ounce of strength in my arms to push myself off my side to stand up. I count that as my work out for the day. I have been doing stretches every morning when I wake up and at night before bed. Yesterday I tried a pregnancy yoga dvd and it felt really good. I am hoping the doctor can write me a prescription for a massage or something next week.

I go to the doctor on Monday and I am very excited to hear what she has to say. I feel like Baby H is pretty low down and have notice I am doing more waddling than walking so we will see if that true. I haven't been to the doctor in 5 weeks because of the scheduling of the appointments from when we were gone in the US for so long. This is the longest we have gone with out seeing a picture of Baby H. I miss seeing her. Hopefully we can get a good picture to bring home this time. And hopefully the scale hasn't tilted too much since it has been 5 weeks since I last got weighed.

Zann has vowed to finish the dresser this weekend. I am dying to get all our baby thing organized so we can see what we still need. So hopefully that will happen so we can put everything together to see what needs to go on the walls. Pictures to come when we make some progress.

Baby H has now been out of the country two more times. We took a trip to Stockholm a couple weekends ago and went to Germany for the day last weekend. We went to go do some shopping but the traffic was so bad getting there we decided just to relax and eat lunch. We will be going back soon though. We looked at the diapers at the store here and they are super expensive. Like 29 chf for 45 diapers and 2-3 chf per jar or baby food. Convert that to dollars and its even more. So Germany it will be for baby products.

Here we are at 32 weeks after a long day at work.

Here is baby H standing over the border of Switzerland and Germany

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Baby Bump 31 Weeks

Well officially less than 10 weeks until Baby Hawkins makes her big arrival. I am 31 weeks as of this past Monday.
Size of baby: BabyGirl is about 3 1/2 pounds which according to my weekly updates is the weight of 4 naval oranges. So next time you buy a bag of oranges you can think of my carrying that around in my stomach right now :)
Baby Development: BabyGirl can now turn her head from side to side and is beginning to gain fat on her arms and legs. She is about to head into a big growth spurt.

I have been feeling pretty good lately. Still tired sometimes but I have been sleeping in more so that has helped. But back to reality tomorrow with school starting.

Falling asleep and staying asleep has not been so easy. I think we have a night owl little girl. Right when I get into bed she begins her little night time party. Her movements are so strong now I can't fall asleep then sometimes they wake me up in the middle of the night. She is moving like a wild woman and getting the hiccups alot. I tried to take a video of her rolling around and making my stomach move today which was pretty funny.

I have been the hungry hungry hippo these past two weeks and thanks to the amount of ice cream I have been eating am looking like that hippo also. But we were on vacation in Stockholm and then it was nice weather and the end of summer so every day had to be celebrated with ice cream. I didn't really have any cravings that were too strong the whole time being pregnant but two days this week I woke up at 5am NEEDING apple juice and a cake pop. Well we didn't have either of those things but it was all I could think about until about 2 in the afternoon. Maybe Liz will surprise me and fly over with her cake pop maker!

So I'm annoyed because Blogger keeps rotating my pictures the wrong way even though they are saved flipped. If you know how to fix this please let me know!! Well here we are at 30 and 31 weeks.
30 Weeks
 31 Weeks

In other baby news, we are starting to get organized a little bit. The baby room is still a mess with everything in the crib but Zann has been working hard sanding and paiting the dresser. I am waiting on him to finish this I have somewhere to put the clothes when I was them. I also painted the little table we have to go next to the glider.
Our sweet friends have also dropped off some baby items they are so graciously letting us borrow this week. It makes it seem so real to have baby things in every room now :)
Z hard at work in a room full of dust.

The mess that will soon be where baby sleeps.

Here is a little peak of BabyGirl's beautiful bedding from her Sullivan Grandparents (we are still working on their names). I just love it and can't wait to see it all put together.

We also received the daycare packet from the pICSies (pronounced Pixies). It was weird to already have to think about daycare before she is born but my school has a wonderful daycare with just a couple kids and fabulous girls that work there.

Tomorrow is back to work for me. We have teacher work days this week and then children come back on Wednesday. I think I will be one tired girl at the end of the day!