Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hollis' New Born Pictures

Trying to catch up on the blogging thing again (I feel like I am always saying that!). I am just having too much fun playing with our little princess to sit at the computer.

We scheduled to have Hollis' new born pictures taken when she was 14 days old. the photographer ended up getting sick so we pushed them back a week so Hollis was three weeks when the pictures were taken. Since she was a little bit older than typical new born photos we decided to do more of lifestyle pictures. Hollis actually didn't sleep a wink until after 2 hours until the last pictures so we couldn't mold her into any of those little baby positions. She was such a sweet girl during the pictures and didn't cry once during her 5 outfit changes. This was also the week that Hollis had a tiny bit of baby acne so her face was a little bit red but I am so happy we have these pictures as a memory of her being a tiny baby.

Here are some of my favorites...

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