Saturday, January 21, 2012

Mary Hollis is 3 months!

Wow! We have a 3 month old baby already! Hollis brings us more joy than we could ever imagine!

I never got around to updating at 2 months because we were traveling. At two months old Hollis was 11 pounds 4 oz. and 22.5 inches long. Right before she turned two months she started rolling over from her tummy to her back. She was not liking tummy time very much and learned how to flip herself. She was still a very good sleeper, sleeping about 11 hours straight at night and taking 3 naps during the day.

Here we are at 3 months old. Hollis did not have a doctor appointment this month so I took her to the free service that Zurich offers where you can get your baby weighed, measured, and talk to a mid wife every week.

3 Month Stats:
Weight: 5.5 Kilos/ 12 pounds 2 oz. (gained 14 oz)
Length: 60 cm/ 23.6 inches (grew just over an inch)
Wearing a size 2 diaper
Wearing 3 month, 3-6 month, 0-6 month clothes and 3 month Cater's onsies

So according to the books the new born stage is over and now she is a baby. I miss my tiny little baby but we are having so much fun watching Hollis grow. She is a mover these days. She kicks like crazy when she is on her back and is now pushing her feet off the ground, doing a little back bend and scooting. We have to watch her very carefully on her changing pad now. 
She loves looking at and touching the sign the Aunt Susie gave her. 

She still loves looking at and talking to her friends on her mobile. She loves hearing the musics and yells for me to turn it on when it is over. 

 Hollis is just the happiest baby and we have the best time playing together everyday. She loves to be under her activity gym and now can reach up and grab the toys.

And this baby girl loves her Daddy! She looks all around for him when she hears him come in the door. 

And she loves slow dancing with him to songs on Pandora at night. 

She is much better at tummy time now and love the new mirror Santa brought her. She just can't get enough of looking at herself. 
Hollis is still pretty laid back but loves to be in the action. She is happy if she is sitting up to see everything going on around her. 

The birthday girl got spoiled and got to come in bed with me when she woke up to eat at 7. 

Then we tried to take her 3 month pictures. It is getting harder now that she wants to be on the go. Most of the pictures are blurry because she was kicking so much. 

So we decided to try sitting in the chair. She started out like this and with in 3 quick pictures she was like this. 

At 3 months old Hollis is a jet-setter. She has been on 9 airplanes and to visit 4 different countries. And next week we are off to Atlanta to visit cousin Jay so she will be up in the air again :)

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